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Sino-Russian titanium industry

Chess opponents, strong and strong, can learn from each other, in order to enhance themselves in the competition. China is a big country in the titanium industry but not a strong country in the titanium industry. Russia and Japan are both big countries in the titanium industry and strong in the titanium industry. It’s hard to shake hands with powerful people because they are not strong, because they are not on one platform. In September 2018, China and Russia will jointly hold the Titanium Industry Summit Forum in Beijing. What are the mysteries in it?

In response to the current international and domestic situation, the reporter interviewed the vice president of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Titanium Zirconium Branch, the Secretary General Jia Wei and the Deputy Secretary General Yu Fusheng, thinking that the Chinese and Russian titanium industry can join hands to "open the talk" There are a few mysteries that have their own waters.

Mystery one:

In the last century, Russia, Japan, the United States, and China all started to develop the titanium industry from the same time in the 1950s. However, after four or fifty years of development, China's titanium industry has been low, and it is very different from other countries. It has not become a big country in the titanium industry and has not become a strong country in the titanium industry. Titanium China’s right to speak in aerospace, aviation, navigation, petroleum, chemical, nuclear power and other fields is very fragile. They are not hard, they are not on one platform at a level. Who is willing to "talk" with you?

In this century, China's economy has developed rapidly and demand for titanium has grown. China has become a major producer of titanium and a major consumer of titanium. With the use of titanium for Titanium and Titanium for C919 aircraft, titanium for deep submersibles, and superconducting, China is moving from a titanium-producing country to a big consumer country. At this time, Russia and China stand on a podium to "open up", and Russia will feel the power of "opponents." Because, shaking hands with the opponent will become stronger.

Mystery 2:

The international environment is conducive to the marriage of China and Russia. In the trade war, the United States imposed tariffs on China's related titanium products. Although the impact on China's titanium industry was minimal, the US's "titanium" was unfriendly. Previously, the United States had no longer used the wording of Russian aviation titanium products. Although the ending was not finished, it also saw that the US "titanium" was unfriendly. These factors have contributed to the fact that the Sino-Russian titanium industry should work together to achieve a win-win situation.

This time, the Sino-Russian titanium industry "opened up" is an attempt by the Sino-Russian titanium industry to build an international exchange and cooperation platform, which opened the prelude to the cooperation and development of the titanium industry.

Mystery three:

The domestic titanium industry has gradually changed from large to strong, and the international environment has promoted the "marriage" between China and Russia. Everything is in place, only owing to the east. The Chinese and Russian prime ministers have promoted the "opening up" of the Sino-Russian titanium industry.

As early as 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade began to communicate the development and exchange of titanium industry between the two sides. The will of the two sides finally reached a consensus in the context of the big environment. According to the joint research of the Raw Materials Working Group of the Industrial Cooperation Sub-Committee of the China-Russia Prime Minister's Committee, the research and development of titanium alloys and technical cooperation will be held, and the international exchange meeting on titanium alloy application will be held regularly to jointly study the spirit of the new application field of titanium metal. China and Russia decided to jointly hold the China-Russia Titanium Industry Forum. Therefore, the Beijing Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Forum, September 2018, was jointly sponsored by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Titanium Zirconium Branch and the Russian Titanium Industry Organization.

The promotion of anything has its mystery and ambition. Sino-Russian Titanium Industry in Beijing in September is no exception. It is a signal that China's titanium industry has become stronger and stronger, and it is also a cooperation brought about by the international environment. It is also a win-win marriage.

2018 Sino-Russian Titanium Industry Summit Forum "Open up!" Jia Wei said that this is a platform for cooperation and exchange of titanium industry between China and Russia. She said that Russia is a strong country in the world of titanium industry, and has complete titanium industry technology in aerospace, aviation, navigation, petrochemical and other aspects. China is moving from a big titanium industry to a strong titanium industry. At this time, it is necessary to learn from other people's advanced things, and strive to upgrade itself to scientifically develop the titanium industry, in order to gradually move toward a strong titanium industry. She said that this is a good communication model and international development platform to explore cooperation and win-win. I hope that more Chinese titanium companies can see their own advantages and gaps in this potential international titanium industry exchange platform by "opening up", so as to achieve the effect of self-improvement by "the stone of the mountain". .